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Network communication and IoT device manufacturer
About Flyingvoice

FLYINGVOICE is an international high-tech enterprise focusing on communication and internet products. FLYINGVOICE has established R&D centers in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and has manufacturing bases in Bac Giang, Vietnam.

As a network communication and IoT device manufacturer, FLYINGVOICE has developed three product lines after years of development: IP Phone, ATA & IoT, and 5G FWA & Router, which can provide customers with comprehensive enterprise communication and IoT "Channel" and "Edge", "Terminal" devices. 

At present, FLYINGVOICE is further strengthening its advantages in the 5G FWA field and IoT products based on POTS connections to provide customers with more complete and excellent products and solutions.

  • Mission
    Solve the problem of “easy to buy but difficult to use” in network and communication and empower SMEs by simplifying use of IT and DT.
  • Vision
    Make Flyingvoice the first choice for 60% of SMEs during their procurement of network and communication products.
    Become the most trusted partner for SMEs to build networks and UC systems.
  • Value
    Core Values: Honesty, Responsibility
    Principles of Growth: Keep the passion in learning, work and life.
    Principles of Organization: Organized, Disciplined, Trusted, Supervised
    Principles of Working: Targeted, Planned, Documented, Productive
    Principles of Cooperation: Adapting processes to Customer requirements.
    Principles of Customers: Our job and responsibility are to achieve and exceed customer expectations.
Flyingvoice was founded