Large Chemical Company - Shandong Shenchi Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2001, Shandong Shenchi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is a diversified joint-stock enterprise group engaged in petrochemical, fine chemical, and chemical trading. They have built a new building, and there is an urgent need to build a phone system that is easy to manage, maintain and upgrade, stable, and reliable. Considering the needs, Flyingvoice created this VoIP solution that satisfied their requirements.


• A new phone system is required to facilitate communication between internal colleagues and external contacts.

• A wireless office environment is needed to avoid complicated cabling.

• The new system can realize rapid deployment and simple operation.

• The phone system should be upgradable to adapt to the expansion of the enterprise.


Considering the requirements, Flyingvoice built this wireless communication solution.

• IPPBX used in this solution is Yeastar S100 and connected it to the switch.

• Deployed APs to provide wireless network in the offices, ensuring the interconnection between the wireless network and the IPPBX in the server room.

• Deployed Flyingvoice FIP13G and FIP11C VoIP phones on office desks, connected them to the wireless network, and registered as the extensions of Yeastar IPPBX.


• Quick Deployment

Phones support auto provisioning to obtain corresponding extension number automatically after power-on and connecting to the network, allowing you to make calls without other configurations.

• High Efficiency

Phone system supports rich functions such as Conference Call, Paging, Intercom, Multiple Phones Under the Same Number, Call Recording, which improves communication efficiency.

• Clutter-free Office

Phones support wireless connection that do not require complicated cabling, and can be deployed flexibly to build a clutter-free office.

• Reduce Communication Costs

The internal communication calls between employees are free of charge, which greatly reduces the communication costs of this company.